Contact Stroke Scan to host a free educational workshop for your organization

Church, club, corporation etc. The free workshop teaches you how to be aware of the warning signs and the symptoms of 3 deadly vascular diseases that can be prevented! Also learn how by using ultrasound testing, your chances for preventing these diseases are even more greatly increased!

Doctors typically cannot order these tests unless you are having symptoms.

Due to the high costs involved, insurance will not pay for them unless you are symptomatic. Take charge of your own health care and get scanned today.

Stroke Scan Inc. provides these painless, non-invasive screenings

at a very affordable cost. Once you have been screened, your doctor can use your report to help educate and if necessary treat your condition. Thus giving you the opportunity for a longer, healthier life!

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Important Notice

Physician authorization is required. A Stroke Scan, Inc.  affiliated physician will provide authorization for you if you qualify.
Texas state laws require that we obtain an order from a doctor before conducting our screening exams on an individual. Our reading physician is Board Certified and licensed in Texas and will provide the order for you prior to the screening event after confirming that you meet the approved screening criteria.

This service is intended as a screening only and in no way should be a substitute for a routine check-up with a licensed physician. If you have any symptoms, regardless of the results of the screening, see a physician immediately.